According to ‘Bolillo’, there are unknown players winning a lot in Medellín

The popular ‘Bolillo’ said in ESPN that in the ‘mighty of the mountain’ things were being done that did not correspond, as he clarified that the footballers were disoriented.

“When I arrived at Medellín, I saw players that no one knows them, who have not played and winning a plate … They came out with glasses, yellow hair, worried about the look and drawing attention outside the field,” he initially said.

And he added that those kinds of attitudes missed him: “One said where they are going, what is happening here ”.

And he added that the roles were reversed in the dressing room, implying that the leadership had fallen into the wrong hands.

“Great professional players had neither voice nor vote because the pelaos were in command, who were figures without playing”, aired.

In addition, he said that many members of the red payroll have their heads set on going to Europe, without acknowledging that “They are in black work”.

And he closed by pointing out that everything is due to the poor guidance that youth have in Colombia: “We are wrong in training and in changing the style of football to win titles and be world champions, but we We are not yet to be world champions ”.

Since arriving at Independent Medellin, Hernán Darío Gómez has won a match in Copa Colombia, while in Betplay League carries a defeat and a triumph.

In video, the words of ‘Bolillo’:


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