According to Lilian Thuram, the spitting of his son Marcus was “involuntary”: “Without doing it on purpose, some saliva is gone” (video)

The French striker received a red card for this spitting last Saturday and is now suspended for five firm matches.

LFrench international striker from Borussia Mönchengladbach Marcus Thuram has been suspended for six games, five firm and one suspended, for spitting at an opponent on Saturday night. The player apologized on social networks, citing an “accidental” and “unintentional” gesture. His father Lilian Thuram also reacted to this incident which “extremely shocked” him at first, before declaring that it was “involuntary”.

“It is completely understandable what is happening in the media. Myself I was watching the match, I was extremely shocked, I even asked myself the question: ‘is this really my son?’, Explained Lilian Thuram on RCI. “And after the fact, I had his explanation, which is to say that he was raging with anger, and so he insulted the opponent and without actually doing it on purpose, he had some saliva which left. “

Marcus Thuram had been sent off in a game with his club after spitting at Hoffenheim defender Stefan Posch on Bundesliga Matchday 13.

“Him, what he wants is for people to remember that it’s unintentional because he says to himself ‘but daddy I wouldn’t want people to think that I am able to spit on someone on purpose because that it does not make sense ‘”, continued his father Lilian, world champion in 1998.” When he took the red card, the first person he called by going to the locker room was his little brother, to tell him ‘Kephren, I didn’t do it on purpose, I assure you, I was screaming, I was angry, I had a rage and the saliva came out all by itself’ and So in fact he accepts – and I think it is normal – that he be punished because indeed it is a gesture that must not exist on the football field ”.


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