According to Philippe Devos, hydroxychloroquine would not be effective against Covid-19: “At home, we are abandoning it”

Questioned by our colleagues at Sudinfo, Doctor Philippe Devos questioned the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment against the coronavirus.

According to two recent studies, chloroquine is absolutely not the silver bullet against the coronavirus, as some experts suggest. Thus, a French study revealed that the drug would not significantly reduce the risks of admission to intensive care or death in hospitalized patients. The second study, Chinese, explained that hydoxychloroquine would not eliminate the virus faster than standard treatments in patients, regardless of their condition.

In Belgium, the use of the drug in question is always recommended by the Sciensano institute in the context of coronavirus. However, according to Philippe Devos, the President of ABSyM and the head of intensive care at CHC Liège, the treatment simply would not work. “More and more articles in the literature seem to show that it does not work, many Belgian hospitals have stopped administering it,” he told Sudinfo. The doctor then went on to explain his position on the subject: “I, who am in intensive care and who am therefore confronted with the most serious patients, I can tell you that it certainly does not work. With us, we is abandoning it. “

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