Accounting expert details the transactions of Rondón, Bautista and Chu Vásquez

The accounting expert Carmen Nadieska Álvarez, fifth witness of the public prosecutor’s office who goes before the First Collegiate Court of the National District, detailed yesterday the financial movements made by the companies of Ángel Rondón and Andrés Bautista, two of the six involved in the notorious case of bribery paid by the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

Nadieska Álvarez stated that her reports were based on audits of the financial products of Lashan, Agencia de Cambio Los Ángeles, Agroindustrial Los Ángeles, Hacienda Los Ángeles, ARMA and Conansa, all directed by Rondón and Andrés Bautista’s companies.

The court chaired by Judge Gissel Pérez Méndez adjourned the hearing for today Tuesday, at 9:00 in the morning, to continue with the hearing of the witness Nadieska Álvarez, who had been objected by the defense of Rondón and Bautista, but the court rejected the motion.

The witness, whose testimony in the trial is aimed at showing financial reports that show that both of those named in the case committed irregular acts to benefit the Brazilian construction company, explained that in the specific case of Lashan, there were “structured movements” in that company .

He stated that these transactions were not found in his bank transactions, but that the Attorney General’s Office was able to obtain them to structure a financial report.

As for the Los Angeles Exchange Agency, also owned by Rondón, he explained that specifically, two checks obtained by the institution came from the construction company Odebrecht “on behalf of other companies”, but with the resources used by the exchange agency . Regarding Hacienda Los Ángeles, the expert noted that in that company the transfers were made between other companies in the same Rondón, making random financial movements.

Minister of interior

He stated that “some relatives” of Jesús -Chu- Vásquez, current Minister of the Interior and Police, and Juan Roberto Rodríguez, former director of the National Institute of Potable Water and Sewerage (INAPA), received checks from the ARMA company, owned by Ángel Rondón .

To confirm this information, the witness explained that she received reports from the Superintendency of Banks in which all the financial movements of the ARMA company were specified, in which its checking, savings and loan accounts were analyzed.

“Among the recipients of checks were his wife, some cousins, a person who appeared as a signatory in another company, a relative of one of those who was being investigated and a woman who is a relative of one of the defendants,” Álvarez stated, confirming immediately that the family members he referred to are linked to Chu Vásquez and Rodríguez.

The witness confirmed this information because her statement was based on financial reports that she made to the Rondón companies in search of evidence to prove her relationship with the Odebrecht construction company.

Andrés Bautista defends himself

Andrés Bautista maintained that the accounting expert refers to the same report prepared by the Public Ministry to make the accusation on US $ 92 million allegedly paid as bribes to Dominican officials and legislators.


He stated that in that report the accounts of the Bautista farm, accumulation of 17 years, are taken to make an “economic bulk” and say that this comes from bribes.


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