accused him of being lukewarm and of “playing crazy”

The position of the government of Alberto Fernandez At the international level, it obviously annoys the Nicolás Maduro regime, which expects greater support from the Argentine, which it would not be receiving.

Hours after the summit of Mercosur presidents, which took place on Wednesday virtually and in which Argentina assumed the pro tempore presidency of the bloc, the strongman of the Chavista government, Diosdado Cabello, He called Fernández “lukewarm” and “playing crazy.”

President of the Chavista Constituent Assembly -which is not recognized by much of the international community- Cabello He also claimed that the Jujuy leader of the Tupac Amaru, Milagro Sala, continue prey

“Alberto Fernandez: his skin is delicate, I am fortunately free, Mr. Fernandez. It is sad that on the stage where Venezuela and Argentina went together, now the lukewarmness leads to walking apart,” he began by saying Wednesday night in his traditional television monologue , as in a tone of complaint that in this reissue of Kirchnerism under the mandate of Alberto F. the alliance between Caracas and Buenos Aires with the government of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner does not prevail.

“The president of Argentina does not like to be called lukewarm, but he does He likes to be crazy when they call Venezuela dictatorship and his foreign minister (Felipe Solá) whenever he can, he declares against Venezuela. They know that there is no dictatorship here, a president won here like he won there and we demand respect, “he said.

“Do not bother Mr. Fernández, if you are lukewarm, get sick, we in Venezuela are hot revolutionaries, we boil. We do not walk with half measures or with if guabineo, here in Venezuela, if you do not know what guabineo is (go around) someone will surely know it. explains, “he added.

It is not the first time that Cabello, elected deputy in the controversial legislative elections of last December 6, insults Fernández. Maduro also insulted him.

“In 2009 we still had friendly governments. I am not saying peoples; governments. Because there are the Argentine people, to whom I send my embrace, my affection and my respect,” said Cabello at the beginning of December because Argentina accompanied claims in the United Nations against the human rights abuses in Venezuela.

In recent days other events have also happened. The prosecution of the International Criminal Court in The Hague said there were “sufficient elements” to open an investigation in the UN courts against civil and military officials of the regime – which may include Maduro as well as Cabello. for crimes against humanity. Fernández has not said anything, but he also did not withdraw a complaint that Argentina made under the government of Mauricio Macri there in 2018, and that are the basis for this statement by the prosecution.

The OAS refrained from condemning the December 6 elections, which for sectors in Argentina was not to condemn Maduro, but for Chavismo it was to criticize him. In Caracas they expected a position contrary to that condemnation from the OAS, as did Bolivia and Mexico.

Fernández goes back and forth between Christianity allied to the Chavista regime and which is part of the Frente de Todos coalition, and the position of western democracies that is increasingly critical of Chavismo.

Caracas He expected Fernández to request Venezuela’s return to Mercosur on Wednesday. But the Argentine took care to request the inclusion of Bolivia as a full member, but not Caracas. Venezuela had been incorporated in 2012 as a full member in a political decision without too much technical analysis, and was suspended from the bloc in 2017 due to events related to human rights violations.

“Milagro Sala is still in jail, okay. Four years with Macri and one with Mr. Fernández, and nothing happens in the Argentine justice system,” he said on Wednesday, coinciding with Christianity, which asks for his release. For that matter, the Minister of Defense, Agustín Rossi, has just visited her, generating internal surprise among his own force.



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