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It is the man’s defender Harald Otterstad who confirms the charges Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

“My client is charged with one attempted murder and one case of grievous bodily harm,” Otterstad told the newspaper.

The accident happened on the E6 in Sarpsborg on Thursday morning. Witnesses have told police that one the car kept very high speed south on the E6, before it collided with another car.

– Witnesses tell of risky driving in advance of the accident. One car has been in a car guard and hit another random car, where it has been hard on the driver, said operations manager Anders Strømsæther in the Eastern police district to NRK on Thursday.

There was major material damage to one car after the accident. The driver was trapped.

Photo: Freddie Larsen

– In very bad shape

The man was hospitalized after the accident. Otterstad has visited his client at the hospital, but he tells NRK that the police have not yet been questioned.

– He is in very bad shape, so I’m not sure if this appears clear to him. The doctors at the hospital will assess whether he is at all able to give an explanation, he says.

Harald Otterstad about Grålum suspects

Lawyer Harald Otterstad has been appointed as defender for the 34-year-old.

Photo: Sebastian Nordli / NRK

According to the defender, the police want to remand the 34-year-old man in custody.

Two women were taken to hospital with what was described as critical injuries. One was a passenger in the man’s car, while the other woman was the driver of the other car.

One of the two was trapped and had to be helped loose by the fire brigade. The condition of the two women is not known Friday morning.

Stuck from the accident

Pictures from the site show major material damage to one car. Several car parts were scattered over a large area.

The accused 34-year-old was apprehended by the police a short distance from where the accident happened. Witnesses had seen the man run south on the E6 after the accident.

He was first charged with the accident and the attempted escape, but the charge has now been extended.

The police have spoken to several other motorists who witnessed the collision and the driving in advance. They have also secured video recordings that can show the course of events.

NRK has not succeeded in getting a comment from the Eastern police district.

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