accused of renouncing, the executive reiterates its support for fishermen

Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that he did not intend to “let go of our fishermen”, after compensation was offered by the Ministry of the Sea.

The executive finally decided to strengthen the speech further. “We will keep on fighting, we will not let go of our fishermen“, Thus assured this Friday Emmanuel Macron during a trip to the north of France. It must be said that for 24 hours, fishermen who are struggling to obtain a license to exercise their activity in British waters and in those of the Channel Islands had Annick Girardin’s statements across their throats. The Minister of the Sea had indeed announced the day before that it was necessary “forecasting the future of the industry”By considering issuing compensation to vessels that do not obtain a license.

This measure, supposed to reassure the foresight of the government, was seen as an admission of failure for the profession and the opposition. “The defeat was predictable (…). It’s a fiasco», Reacted to AFP Pascal Delacour. “France has lowered its pants and abandoned its young sailors because it is above all they who do not have licenses», Got carried away this owner of a trawler from Granville (Manche), opposite Jersey. He greeted like a bomb the “fleet exit plan»Outlined by the government. Annick Girardin assessed the compensation envelope between “40 and 60 million euros“. An amount that would be drawn from European funds planned to support the consequences of Brexit.

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The government reaffirms its determination

The fishermen had already experienced the drop in French requirements concerning the number of licenses requested as a defeat. According to a count made by AFP, the French government is only asking for 150 licenses, against 170 a month ago. To date, the Channel Islands and London have granted a total of 220 licenses. The French government, which has also wielded the threat of sanctions for several months, has finally given up on applying them on the announced date of November 1.

In this context, the announcement of the preparation of an exit plan by Annick Girardin did not fail to attract mockery from the opposition. The former Brexit negotiator and candidate for the Les Républicaines (LR) nomination on the right, Michel Barnier, criticized “resignation” and “renunciation“Of the government in the face of”bad faithFrom the British. “Emmanuel Macron capitulated”For her part estimated the presidential candidate of the National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen.

For the government, the stake is therefore to mitigate the remarks of the Ministry of the Sea and to show that Paris does not “don’t drop the flagIn the face of London’s demands. The minister herself reconsidered her remarks, hastening to add that “government priority (was) to obtain licenses“Post-Brexit without”this does not prevent predicting the future of the sector».

«We are also exerting pressure on the European Commission to make the demands demanded of the British be more important, more firmly said.», Added Clément Beaune, who will meet on Monday in Brussels the Vice-President of the Commission in charge of Brexit, Maros Sefkovic. Together with the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Emmanuel Macron also called on the European Commission to “protect»France, in this highly political issue. “If the Commission does not play its role, France willHe warned.


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