Acid criticism of De Gea, Manchester United goalkeeper, in FA Cup | Premier League

Manchester United suffered a painful defeat against Chelsea (1-3) in the FA Cup semi-finals and, unsurprisingly, the search for those responsible began without delay.

The Spaniard is criticized for having been able to do much more in the first two goals of the finalists, who each time they tried put the rival in trouble.

The situation for the exDT of the reds, José Mourinho, is clear: “De Gea is a very good goalkeeper, but he was lucky to get a great contract. Manchester United did not need to pay him as much money as he pays to retain him,” he said on Sky. Sports. He conceded that he is a “good goalkeeper”, but he left the feeling that he is a bit overrated.

On the other hand, the British press did not have compassion in its criticism. In a column titled “David de Gea’s nightmare at Wembley is further confirmation of his decline,” The Mirror newspaper was relentless: “It was not the end of an era, but the end of an aura. This will be remembered as the game in which De Gea lost control, the constant decline of the Manchester United goalkeeper has made him go from being the best in the world to being a burden on his team. “

Why so little understanding with the archer? Here is one of the complaints:

Manchester United has been left out of the title debate, a situation that has already become a trend and that in addition to taking the head of Mourinho himself, has put a complication in the future of Solskjaer and has caused a deep disappointment in the fans , accustomed to a past with much more prominence.


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