“Active policies are needed to stop outbreaks”

Covid-19, epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco launches a warning: we must be very careful about the contagion curve, active policies are needed to block the various outbreaks.

Covid-19, epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco speaks (photo screenshot from Youtube)

The rise in the number of infections throughout Italy does not seem to want to stop in any way and, for the past few weeks, the curve has been steadily growing. To launch an appeal to this effect is Pier Luigi Lopalco, epidemiologist of the University of Pisa. His words, collected by Open, want to warn precisely about the high number of infections. We must be careful, the epidemiologist reiterates, otherwise we risk ending up in the same conditions as France and Germany, who lived a few weeks ago what we are experiencing now. In France, in fact, as the source reports, there have been more than 6 thousand daily infections.

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Covid-19, the appeal of the epidemiologist Lopalco

Pier Luigi Lopalco
Pier Luigi Lopalco (photo screenshot da Youtube)

What is necessary, he announces Pier Luigi Lopalco, it is an immediate intervention with active policies. This is because, according to the epidemiologist, the rules of epidemiology are always the same, as is the virus. The latter is not changing and, precisely for this reason, we must be very careful.

With regard to yesterday’s data (1,411 infections), Lopalco he argued that they are different from those of February and March because, thanks to surveillance policies, many cases are now being identified that previously “were not seen”. Many are in fact asymptomatic. Therefore, the appeal is clear: we need to slow down the trend of infections, which in recent weeks has recorded a strong progression. At the same time it is necessary to “flatten the epidemic curve”.

The tools to slow it down, he argues Lopalco, are present and we must work, in unison, in this direction. First of all, we must focus on identifying cases, even asymptomatic ones. Thereafter, insulation must be provided.

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