Actively adjust mentality and maintain mental health——Interview with Lu Lin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Peking University Sixth Hospital–News Center

source:People’s Daily author: release time:2022-11-29 16:55 edit:Du Kexuan

The COVID-19 pandemic has been around the world for nearly three years, and almost everyone has been affected to varying degrees. Recently, the epidemic in some areas has intensified, and some places have been closed for too long, and some people have increased psychological pressure, resulting in anxiety, uneasiness, panic and other negative emotions.

How to strengthen psychological counseling and maintain mental health? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Lu Lin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Peking University Sixth Hospital. Lu Lin suggested that we should treat the epidemic rationally, not be overly nervous, actively adjust our mentality, and maintain mental health.

Lu Lin said that in the face of the continuous epidemic, it is normal for people to experience emotions such as anxiety, uneasiness, and panic. Bad emotions mostly come from an overreaction to negative information. With overreaction, emotions such as negativity, anxiety, and irritability are prone to arise. At this time, it is even more necessary to protect the spiritual home, conduct self-psychological counseling or receive professional psychological assistance in a timely and scientific manner.

What is mental health? Lu Lin said, generally speaking, it means being able to maintain a strong interest in work and life and a desire for knowledge; being able to maintain a correct self-awareness and self-acceptance; being able to regulate and control emotions and maintain a good mood; being able to maintain a good ability to adapt to the environment ; Can maintain a harmonious interpersonal relationship; Can maintain a complete and unified personality quality.

Lu Lin said that in the Healthy China Action, there is a special mental health promotion action. The goal is to improve the mental health literacy of residents and slow down the rising trend of the prevalence of insomnia, anxiety disorders, and depression. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen psychological counseling and do a good job in psychological protection.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, how can we maintain a healthy mentality? Lu Lin made the following suggestions:

Reduce the screen time of the mobile phone. Faced with the complex and ever-changing epidemic situation, some people tend to have negative emotions such as panic when paying attention to the constantly updated epidemic information. In fact, the dissemination of bad online information has aggravated the panic and anxiety of the public. It is recommended that the public pay more attention to the information released by the government and authoritative organizations, and do not panic, believe in rumors, or spread rumors. In the new media era, all kinds of information emerge in endlessly, often making people at a loss, and some information is overly exaggerated and one-sided in order to attract attention. Such information will especially increase anxiety and panic. Therefore, learn to obtain the necessary information from the correct channels, instead of swiping the screen to learn about various gossips.

Maintain a regular life routine. Ensure three regular meals a day, drink plenty of water, take in more fresh fruits and vegetables, and carry out moderate and suitable physical exercise activities every day. Ensure adequate sleep, regular work and rest, and maintain normal immune function of the body. Live life to the fullest, divert attention. During home office, you can do housework, chat with friends and family, read books, listen to music, exercise more, take deep breaths, and take a hot bath to relax your body and mind.

Actively carry out psychological adjustment, and seek professional help if necessary. In the face of the epidemic, it is normal to have some emotional reactions and discomfort, such as insomnia, loss of appetite, memory loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, and irritability. If these symptoms appear, don’t worry too much, and actively adjust yourself. You can do appropriate muscle relaxation training, aerobic exercise, etc., and use positive actions to get yourself out of panic. Do not adopt negative coping methods such as denial, avoidance and retreat, over-reliance on others, accusations and complaints, etc., and do not try to relieve tension through smoking and drinking. When stress disorders such as fear, tension, and anxiety occur, they can generally be relieved through psychological adjustment. If self-adjustment cannot alleviate it, it is recommended to call the psychological hotline announced by the government department or the hospital or conduct psychological counseling online. In severe cases, it is necessary to seek help from professional institutions.

Lu Lin said that psychological problems should be treated with a scientific and rational attitude. Anyone may have psychological problems, as long as they are properly counseled in time, they can maintain their mental health. He emphasized that during the epidemic prevention and control period, we should pay special attention to vulnerable groups, meet their living needs, pay attention to their mental health, and relieve their worries.

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