Actor Armands Reinfelds is called to eternity

On Monday, February 22, at the age of 55, actor Armands Reinfelds passed away, the actor’s spouse confirmed to the portal “Delfi”.

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She says that the actor has “breathed hard” in recent days, and other health problems have appeared. He suddenly felt bad at lunch on February 22, but the emergency medical care had arrived too late. The spouse says a heart attack is mentioned in the hospital report as the cause of death.

Armands Reinfelds (1965-2021) graduated from the National Theater Actors’ Course at the Latvian State Conservatory in 1990, but in the early 1990s he was one of the artists who formed the New Riga Theater (JRT) troupe.

Reinfelds received the “Players ‘Night” award for the best actor of the season for his role in Alvis Hermans’ play “How Slow and Calm the River Returns” in 1993

The actor has also starred in several domestic films – “Vogelfrei”, “Dare to Kill”, “Tristan and Isolde. – Yuri Narbuli.

Reinfelds had spent a long time in Great Britain and also in the USA, but had returned to Latvia and lived in Sigulda in recent years.

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