Actor from ‘Ana de nadie’ threatened for fictitious role: Jorge Enrique Abello experiences real-life threats for his portrayal of a manipulative husband in the RCN novel.

2023-05-28 13:33:03

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Updated: 2023-05-28 08:33:03

The person affected was Jorge Enrique Abello, who plays Horacio Valenzuela, the ex-husband of Ana Ocampo (played by Paola Turbay) in the aforementioned RCN novel.

At least This was stated by ‘Bravissimo‘ in the fourth image of an Instagram carousel in which he told details of the production and its actors.

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Jorge Enrique Abello confessed that he has even received threats against him on his personal social networks for the role of Horacio”, published the Citytv program.

And it is that the artist has an antagonistic role in ‘Ana de nadie’ —he is an unfaithful, arrogant, narcissistic and manipulative husband that he hurts his ex-wife, his children Emma, ​​Pedro and Florencia, and even his lover Adelaida Gómez—, but some viewers do not understand that it is a fictitious role that he plays and not that the famous one is like that in real life .

This would not be the first time that the artist refers to the issue of what his character awakens, a few days ago stated that he was aware of why Horacio is so “hated”, because that was partly what he expected when he decided how he was going to play the role.


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“The objective of the character was precisely to cause irritation, discomfort, to be able to really tell the story of a woman in a society like today’s. Because women today, fortunately, decided that it was time to stop being silent and fully assume their freedom. […] I could have made it more charming, but it would be taking the real focus away from the story. I tried so hard to make them hate me. Everyone tells me that they hate me… But, I have earned that hatred. There were scenes in the novel in which he had soft dialogue, but by interpreting it he made it harsher.[…] It has been a challenge to represent someone like that”, said Jorge Enrique in Semana.

This is a video circulating on Twitter with one of the scenes from ‘Ana de nadie’ in which Horacio argues with Ana, over an economic issue, and makes comments against his son Pedro, because they disagree with him wanting to be Chef.

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