Actor is so loved by “Philately”… After the fierce battle with 5 actress divas, “Rolling Eyes” was tragically shaken out | Entertainment | CTWANT

In the colorful showbiz, behind the glamorous artists, some celebrities also have hidden gossip. Recently on the Internet forum, some netizens discussed “philatelic artists” again. One of the male stars was alluded to have sex with several popular female artists. According to rumors, the male star would also disclose to his friends in private. He “fighted” the actresses’ individual sexual habits, including rolling their eyes, SM, and becoming a beast, all of them were shaken out.

Zheng Haonan was insinuated as a philatelic male star because of the filming of “Naked Lamb”. (Photo/Flip photo on Weibo)

It is rumored that what the philatelic male star said originally came from 2009, when the domestic talk show “Ace Appraisal Team”, the late artist Luo Peiying, broke the news on the show in the past that a martial artist was born in A very active male star in the Hong Kong film circle in the 1990s. He had had relationships with 5 well-known first-line actresses. He also privately revealed to his friends that these actresses had unknown sexual addictions, such as rolling their eyes and SM. , Becoming a beast, etc., the content of the revelation is very spicy.

At that time, Luo Peiying even revealed the identity of the philatelic actor, mentioning that the actor had made tertiary films such as the “Lamb” series, married a Japanese wife and divorced, and so on. At that time, many people were speculating that the philatelic star was suspected to be Hong Kong star Zheng Haonan who had acted in the “Naked Lamb” series of films. At that time, he even came forward to criticize the media that broke the news. It was simply rubbish. , Also in the Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment circles, aroused topics.


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