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Due to his depression, the actor was hospitalized in Tunja on September 20. Jaime Barbini, who suffered a stroke some time ago and also had covid-19.

The renowned actor from Boyacá, who has been in productions such as’ There I wait for you ‘,’ Escobar, the pattern of evil ‘,’The Labyrinth ‘,’ The Departed‘, ‘The queen of the south ‘, ‘Love in custody’, ‘Pure blood’ and ‘The ex’, among others, is 80 years old and his movement is limited. Likewise, his speech was affected by the spill.

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According to his stepdaughter, Katherin Becerra, the actor suffers from severe pain, especially in the early mornings, and his screams are heartbreaking. During the day he has a nurse, who is paid by his children, but at night my mother takes care of him and for her it is very hard, because she also has to work to support the house, “he said.

In a video published by the program ‘I know everything’, Barbini affirms that he wants to die.
The young woman argued that one of the actor’s sisters, Yolanda Chaparro, requested euthanasia and it was granted, so they are analyzing this possibility.

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According to the stepdaughter of the actor, the EPS of the artist takes a long time to give him the diapers he needs and has not given him the service of the night nurse, so he asks for rehabilitation help or support for his care.


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