Actor Marco Panari Dies at the Age of 23, Last Uploads a Flood of Grief


In the past week, the entertainment world in the country has been shrouded in sad news, Mother. Most recently, the young actor Marco Panari was reported die.

The news of Marco’s death was known from the @bentukmanagement account posting on Instagram, on Saturday (30/1/2021) night. The post featured three photos of Marco, with the caption:

Rest in Peace Marco Panari. Condolences for the passing of Marco Panari, I hope he will be calm in nature there. Forms of Management.

In the statement column it is written, “Condolences for the death of @ marc0panari, sister of @angelagilsha.

As is well known, Marco is the younger sister of the actress and model, Angela Gilsha. Both are born in Denpasar, Bali, Bunda. His older brother was born on July 2, 1994, while Marco was born on September 19, 1997.

Yes, Marco died at a young age. However, the cause of death of the actor of Indonesian and Italian blood is not yet known. In uploading the management account that houses Marco and Angela, he did not mention the actor’s latest condition.

Marco Panari passed away / Photo: Instagram @bentukmanagement

Congratulations then flowed into Marco’s management posts. Including the former soap opera and FTV who are now employees of BUMN, Dylan Jan.

Through a personal account, @dylanjan_, he wrote, “Rest in Peace bro Marco. Sabar yaa ngel @angelagilsha.

Also mourn for his departure, may his deeds & worship be accepted and unite with the god & the family left behind given perseverance,“wrote netizens with the @des ***** account.

Meanwhile, the @aly ***** account owner was incredulous and wrote, “For the sake of it, I just bought cookies yesterday.

Marco’s last posts on his Instagram account were flooded with condolences. What soap stars write He is not Human this? Mother can see on the next page.

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The banner of convertsPhoto: Mia Kurnia Sari



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