actor Richard Berry accused of incest by his daughter

A complaint was lodged with the Paris public prosecutor by Coline Hiegel Berry who accuses her father, Richard Berry, of incest, according to information from Le Point. The brigade for the protection of minors is seized and Coline Hiegel Berry should be heard in the coming days.

The French actor defended himself against these incestuous facts: “I am speaking to you today because I am facing a situation that is among the most painful for a man, and for a father. Forty-five years ago my daughter Coline was born. When she was two years old, her mother and I separated under very conflictual conditions, ”he wrote on Instagram. “I took care of Coline on Sundays, with my parents first, then on weekends with my partner, at the time Jeane Manson, and her daughter of the same age. I was too young a father, too absent, but loving, and respectful of my daughter ”.

“His story has evolved over time”

Berry then returns to “the first time” where his daughter spoke of abuse: “Seven years ago, when I announced to my family that my wife and I were expecting a child, Coline, herself pregnant, reacted. with extreme violence, then, in an email sent to my wife, she for the first time alluded to the fact that she had been “abused”, “he says. “His story has evolved over time. It has been denied, renewed and enriched by it at the option of the interlocutors, or the news. For years, I tried to talk to her, to stop her lies, to figure out what she needed, without success. I opened up to psychiatrists, my family, my friends ”.

“After the publication of Camille Kouchner’s testimony, my daughter reworked her story. She first contacted reporters in early January, then filed a complaint. As soon as I learned that this legal process had been initiated, I immediately wrote to the Paris prosecutor to ask him, despite the prescription, that a thorough investigation be carried out so that the truth is definitively established ”.

“I deny with all my strength and without ambiguity these filthy accusations”

“I unambiguously and with all my strength deny these filthy accusations. I have never had inappropriate or incestuous relations with Coline or with any of my children. These claims are false. Even repeated a hundred times, through the press or by any other means, they are nothing but a lie ”.

To end his long message, Richard Berry asks himself several questions: “Why does my daughter accuse me of acts that I did not commit?” Why is she going after this destructive madness? I would like to understand his suffering. I was there perhaps too little, or too late. I don’t know if that can explain anything ”. He then concludes: “Beyond the immense pain and the shock I feel, it is now up to the courts to establish the facts”.


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