Actor Seo Yi-sook ‘heart attack death’ fake news “preparation to sue”

Actor Seo Yi-sook. Provided by Quantum E&M

Actor Seo Yi-sook foreshadowed legal action in relation to the fake death rumor raised in an online community.

On the 21st, Seo Yi-sook’s agency, Quantum E&M, said, “We are preparing to file a lawsuit after the Chuseok holiday is over” regarding the fake death rumor raised in an online community.

An article in the form of an article was posted on an online community the day before that Seo Yi-sook died of a heart attack. The post was accompanied by the names of specific media outlets and reporters. This article was also posted last July.

The agency said, “It is not certain whether it was the same person, but we know that there have been many fake obituaries of other actors.

Seo Yi-sook, who made her debut as a member of the theater company Michu in 1989, has been active in dramas such as ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and ‘The World of the Married’.

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