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Source title: Actor Zhang Kaiying’s new drama “Chi Dao” is set for the release of Tsundere Hua Shiyin’s passionate love

Today, the youth competitive drama “Chi Dao”, directed by Yi Zheng and starring Jin Chen, Wang Anyu, Zhang Kaiying, etc., released a character version of the poster. It is officially scheduled to be broadcast exclusively on Youku from 18:00 on September 29. On the poster, Zhang Kaiying has flying long hair and a sweet smile, which is very suitable for the character setting of the original economic management department, which has also aroused the expectations of many fans of the original.

Zhang Kaiying as Hua Shiyin’s charming character

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jinjiang’s popular author Twentine. From the perspective of a passionate competitive athlete, it tells the intense and direct youth growth and the sweet daily life of the campus. Zhang Kaiying, an actor under Gathering Star, plays Hua Shiyin, a female second-level economics and management department in the play, a classmate of the male protagonist Duan Yucheng (played by Wang Anyu).althoughfamilyShe is superior, but she is not unruly, but has her own arrogance and persistence, the purity and beauty of a little princess and the courage to not admit defeat. Since she liked Duan Yucheng, she took the initiative to attack and played her own straight ball to pursue love; after Duan Yucheng made an emotional choice, she did not turn black, but respected Duan Yucheng’s emotional choice, and gained another piece of her own bland happiness.

In private, Zhang Kaiying is beautiful and very interesting. Her fresh and sweet appearance has made her gain a lot of fans. The photos she posted show that she is a girl with a lot of personality in daily life. In the play, Shi Yin’s bright character, daring to love, daring to hate, and generous appearance, and having her own set of views on people and things are the most charming parts of this character, and such a role is a great challenge for actors. . But for Zhang Kaiying, who likes this role, there is a challenge of eagerness to try and grind her fists. In order to better present this role, she has put a lot of effort into pondering the layering and multi-faceted nature of this role. The actors learn from each other and present the character in a better and deeper way in their own way, so that the character becomes himself.

Freshman actor Zhang Kaiying continues to grow with her original heart and her acting skills all the way forward

The post-00s Zhang Kaiying is currently studying at the Beijing Film Academy. As a rookie actor in the performance department, she has made a name for herself in the industry by virtue of her own conditions and solid basic skills. Her first TV series as an actor was in the costume drama “Heart Care” as the “Imaginary King” Huan Xiaoyan, who is devoted to love and righteousness. In this “Chi Dao”, the arrogant school flower Shi Yin and Zhang Kaiying were able to connect with each other. The potential for starring in high-quality film and television dramas and cooperating with many outstanding actors is limitless.

Look forward to her conquering the audience with her character charm when “Chi Dao” starts broadcasting, and also look forward to her “Heart Care” broadcast as soon as possible! At 18:00 on September 29th on Youku, let’s watch Zhang Kaiying’s online love chase!

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