Actress Amal Maher reveals the latest developments in her health condition with Ramy Radwan tonight

Tonight, the DMC evening program, Ramy Radwan, is conducting a telephone interview with Actress Amal Maher.

It is expected that the artist will address the details of the video, in which she appeared yesterday, and reveal her health condition after being infected with the Corona virus.

During yesterday’s episode of the DMC evening program, Ramy Radwan presented a video of the singer Amal Maher, in which she reassures her fans because of her absence..

Ramy commented on the video, saying: “In the last period, there were those who tried to enter the line and spread lies in the people of a hall that revolves around any need that can be disturbed and grow and publish it on the communication sites and try to exaggerate it in order to create confusion.”.

And he continued: “Amal Maher, when I downloaded a post, they said someone else, and when I downloaded a picture, they said someone manages her account. Ok, she downloaded a video of it, and she said that she had Corona to stop the rumor campaign on social media, and they are a category that we know them and we crushed them. The pin is numb, and they have the ability to do anything that can be done, so they heat it up and grow it.”.

Singer Amal Maher revealed that a concert will be organized for her soon, and the singer Amal Maher came out in a video, during which she reassured the audience about her after a period of absence, in which she said: “My fans and my family are fine, thank God. I am with you, I had Corona, but, thank God, I recovered and I wanted to reassure you.”

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