Actress “Bikini Loosen” embarrassedly smiled and hit the face of the ancestor of the jade female idol… The deity is also certified: it looks like me | Entertainment | CTWANT

South Korean female singer BIBI, because of her hot and sweet appearance, and her unique voice, she has accumulated a lot of fans. A few days ago, she was invited to perform at the Summer Wet Body Music Festival “WATERBOMB”. At that time, in order to heat up the atmosphere, she took off her soaked white top while performing. Unexpectedly, the yellow bikini straps, at the moment of her sexy undressing, Along with the release, she found that she was about to disappear, and with an embarrassed but playful smile, she ducked to the edge of the stage with the rhythm and asked for help to bind the straps. And she grinned, her eyes narrowed to the point of squinting, and she was very similar to Kuang Mingjie, the former Taiwanese girl group “City Girls”, and even Kuang Mingjie’s deity shared photos and said: “This Korean girl is really with me. It’s like!”

Kuang Mingjie shared the performance video of South Korean female singer BIBI on Facebook, and the two have the same smile. (Picture / taken from Facebook)

BIBI, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, was recently invited to participate in the summer wet body music festival “WATERBOMB” in South Korea. When she first appeared, BIBI was wearing a white top and denim shorts, but after a burst of water pistol attacks, the bottom of her white top was completely soaked, and the yellow bikini inside the clothes was all exposed. Later, she simply took off the white top, and the yellow bikini The thread was tied, but it came loose with the force of undressing.

Because BIBI found that all the ties at the back of the bikini were loosened, she was embarrassed to ask someone for help with a toothy smile, and this look was photographed on the Internet, attracting the attention of Kuang Mingjie, she also shared and posted: “This is a must Share, this Korean girl really looks like me!”

After Kuang Mingjie’s PO post, netizens responded by leaving a message below, “It really looks like it!”, “Isn’t it the same person?”, “When did you go to Korea”.

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