Actress Charlotte Arnault accuses Gerard Depardieu of raping her in 2018

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French actress Charlotte Arnault indicated Friday via Twitter that French star Gerard Depardieu raped her in August 2018. The 72-year-old French cinema giant has been prosecuted for “rape” and “sexual assault” in the summer of 2018 against an actress, since December 16 2020, but the name of the victim was not previously revealed.

French actress Charlotte Arnault announced Friday via Twitter that French star Gerard Depardieu… raped her In August 2018, the latter denied this case for nearly a year.

The 72-year-old French film giant is being prosecuted for “…rapeAnd “sexual assault” in the summer of 2018, on an actress, since December 16, 2020, but the name of the victim was not previously disclosed.

Arnault, 25, stated in her account on the social network: “I am a victim of Depardieu… It has been a full and perfect year since he was charged. I can no longer remain silent…”.

And the young actress continued, “He was indicted a year ago. He continues to work in what I have been deprived of life for three years and I want to live without denying myself. My words may be a great shock in my life, and I do not earn.” Nothing at all but the hope of getting my safety back.” “By continuing to remain silent, I bury myself alive,” she concluded.

At the end of August, the young actress accused the actor of raping her twice and of sexual assaults that took place in his Parisian home on the 7th and the 13th of August 2018.

In mid-August 2020, the prosecutor was able to reopen the investigation into the case through a civil right complaint after the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris kept it without prosecution on June 4, 2019. After charges were brought against him a year ago, the investigative judge questioned Depardieu on the basis of the case. According to sources familiar with the file, he denied what was attributed to him and was left free under judicial supervision.

The same sources pointed out that the actor appealed the indictment to the investigation chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal, requesting its annulment, but the request has not yet been considered, and investigations are still ongoing.

In addition to being an actress, Charlotte Arnault also holds a degree in classical and contemporary dance and piano, and has acted in dozens of short films and in several plays. She also performed the voice acting (dubbing) for series on “Netflix”.

France 24/AFP


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