Actress Hend Sabry.. breaks her silence.. and reveals the bold price she paid to Khaled Youssef.. and what did she concede to him in exchange for being allowed to act!!

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As is well known, the famous director Khaled Youssef presents daring scenes in his cinematic works, and has appeared in many of his films such as Ouija which is Chaos.

In many works, he is famous for being a “for adults only” director, and this was rejected by many of the stars who worked with him and even attacked him and confirmed that they regretted representing these scenes and wished to delete them.

In 2005, Khaled Youssef directed the movie “Ouja” for the stars Hani Salama, Sherif Mounir, Menna Shalaby, Hend Sabry, Dolly Shaheen and others, and revolves around Hani, a film actor, with multiple emotional experiences, who goes to Hurghada with his lawyer friends Adham and his wife Farida,

Mary and her lover Ibrahim, a group of friends since university days, and one evening they play a new game called “Ouja” that tries to predict the future,

The events take place until the relations between friends are very tense, especially when Adham learns that his wife is cheating on him with Ibrahim, and he goes to kill him and there the friends meet who settle their accounts among themselves by shooting.

The actress Hend Sabry expressed her regret for acting in this movie and said that she regretted working with director Khaled Youssef in the movie “Ouja”, stressing that she would not risk repeating the experience.

This is due to his exaggeration in filming bold scenes, and that she cannot restrain his freedom, in addition to the lack of chemistry between them.

This answer came during the arrival of Hend Sabry, a guest on the “Comprehensive Examination” program with Raghida Shalhoub, where she said: “There is no one who has not made concessions, such as films that could not have been done in other circumstances, I needed to work in order to be known and spread.”

For his part, director Khaled Youssef responded to Hind Sabry’s statements, and said during his meeting with the “I and I” program with the media, Samar Yousry, which is broadcast on ON E channel, when asked about his relationship with the artists and the problems between them,

And whether he was bothered by their attack, adding: “No, absolutely, it does not bother me, meaning, for example, the artist Doe worked with me, whether she was unknown at the time I chose her, or she was half a star and made her a star or a star and contributed to her stardom.”

And confronting him with a video of the star Hend Sabry, in which she says that there are scenes she objected to with Khaled because they were not in the script, so she refused to present them and Khaled understood that, to reply:

Hind is my friend very much and I love her, but she does not tell the truth in a nutshell because the truth of the scenes is present in the scenario, and when I objected to her in the filming, I said it must be implemented, and indeed I executed the scene between her and Muhammad Al-Khalai.

The actress Hend Sabry was born in Tunisia, and she has been known since her participation in two films, The Season of Men and The Silence of the Palaces, directed by Moufida Al-Tlatli.

Memoirs of a Teenager 2001, which tells the story of an Egyptian teenage girl through her memoirs, and it is this role that gave her wide fame in the Arab world, and then her name shone with her many participations until she became one of the most important stars in Egyptian cinema.

Among the most famous works in which a citizen, a detective and a thief participated, directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed, a film in which she repeated the presentation of exciting scenes, which would have limited her later to these types of roles, had it not been for her to correct the matter in later films, including the film I Want My Right,

How Girls Love You and the movie The Best Times. In 2004, she won the Best Actress Award from the Egyptian Catholic Center, for her role in the movie Best of Times.

Also, the director Khaled Youssef was born in 1964 in the city of Kafr Shukr in Qalyubia Governorate. He obtained a BA in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Benha University in 1990, and took his first steps in the world of directing.

When he was a student at the university; Where he directed the play “The Clown” by the late Syrian writer “Mohammed Al-Maghout” on the Al-Tali’a Theater as part of the university’s student activity.

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