Actress Květa Fialová hated men and fell in love with a homosexual at the age of eighty-five

Květa Fialová has been a prominent figure on the Czech film and theater scene for many years. She played in dozens of roles that were etched in our memory, so it was not for nothing that she belonged to the icons of the silver screen. However, her personal life was not very happy, even though the actress was smiling, kind and very popular among her colleagues all her life.

Double rape

It all started when the Purple were only fifteen years old and the Soviet liberators came to our beautiful country. Instead of supporting the war-torn Czechs and the unfortunate people, supporting, raping, stealing and committing indecency. Květa also had her experience with them. They raped her, and if she defended herself, they would kill her. However, the double rape affected her a lot and she hated sex all her life. Everyone knew about her, and yet she was given the role of infidels, prostitutes, and defiant ladies.

First love

Despite the bitter experience, Květa fell in love. The playwright Jiří Joska became her chosen one, with whom she got together, but the relationship did not last long. Before the final breakup, Fialová even ran away from him and hid in the cemetery for several days and nights. She had nowhere to go, and when she found out that marriage included regular lovemaking, she had to run away.

Life with a drunk

After a while, she fell in love again. Another love was the actor Gustav Opočenský. They played together in the theater and fell in love. But Opočenský drank a lot. Purple tried to discourage him from drinking, but in vain. He drank all her money, but also her mother’s money, which helped the Flower of the Beloved to get out of the clutches of alcohol.

Second husband

The actress ran away from him to Slovakia, where she married for the second time. She married director Pavel Háša, with whom she lived for over fifty years. He died in 2008. Purple had been told several times that she had survived with him only because he had followed her rules and never wanted sex or any other intimacy from her. They only had sex when they were trying to have a baby. Eventually, they succeeded and conceived daughter Zuzana.

Love at the end of life

In the end, however, according to her words, Fialová fell in love the most at the age of eighty-five. Her last love, although platonic, was her acting colleague Josef Kubáník, who is, however, gay. So their relationship was not based on anything physical, yet the couple sat down very well mentally.

Lovers of old age

She loved old age with the 2010 Thalia Award winner, saying it was the most beautiful time of her life. She eventually lived to be 88 years old. After several years of fighting, she succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease as well as her second husband.

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