“Actress Mayar El-Beblawy’s Sudden Health Scare: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-19 14:20:38

The Egyptian actress, Mayar El-Beblawy, was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital, after she suddenly fainted after getting out of her car, heading to the studio in which she was presenting her weekly episode of the “Sweetest Talk” program on “Al-Shams” channel.

Mayar El-Beblawi’s son revealed the latest developments in her health condition, saying in press statements: “She is tired and unable to speak, and now she has returned home, and I am following up with her doctor… Pray for her, may God complete her recovery well.”

After the news spread, the artist, Wafaa Makki, commented on Al-Beblawy’s exposure to a sudden health crisis, as she expressed her great sadness at the fall of her friend. .

And Wafaa said: “May God heal her and heal her, along with those who dress her.

Mayar El-Beblawi sparked controversy after she retracted her statement as a witness in the case of Wafaa Makki’s torture of the two maids, which exposed her to harsh criticism in the recent period. (she has)

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