Actress: Rima Kallingal with support; The picture of the cartoon character Ula Babu was shared on social media | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Actress Rima Kallingal has backed actor and producer Vijay Babu for making a lyrical accusation. Rima also shared a picture of the cartoon character Ula Babu on social media.

Rima shared the statement of the Women in Cinema Collective in support of the actress on her Facebook page. The WCC statement was shared with the caption ‘Standing with Survival’. This was followed by posting the cartoon on Instagram and Facebook stories.

‘This is Ula Babu. Ula Babu rape survivors will be asked for a certificate of character. “Don’t be like Ula Babu,” Rima said. Several memes titled ‘Don’t be like Ula Babu’ have been circulating on social media in the wake of the Meetoo allegation.

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