Actress Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau died while waiting for surgery

Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau is survived by her parents, but also her young boy, Maël. She was [une] worthy and courageous mother. She is also survived by a multitude of relatives and friends whom she deeply touched in her too short life.

A graduate of the National Theater School, Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau followed in her parents’ footsteps. She started her career by dubbing films and series.

She also starred in the film Catimini, by Nathalie Saint-Pierre. In a 2013 interview with Radio-Canada, the actress said that she understood early on that acting was her vocation and that she always had the support of her parents.

She also took part in TV series 30 vies and The cradle of angels. We saw her at the theater in Lesson, One man, two bosses and The Free Trade Hotel.

The parents of Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau believe that their daughter is one of the victims of the load shedding in the health network. Rosine succumbed to a problem for which she was awaiting surgery. This intervention could not take place in time due to the load shedding carried out in the health system to deal with the pandemic, is it written in the press release published on Friday.

Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau passed away on Thursday at the age of 28.

Photo : Robert Gilbert

Many people reacted to his death on social media.

The death of Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau reminds us that the impact of the pandemic goes well beyond official statistics, wrote on Twitter the spokesperson of the official opposition for health, the Liberal MP Marie Montpetit.

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Liberal leader Dominique Anglade offered her condolences to the parents of the deceased. Really my parent’s heart sank as I read this dramatic news, she wrote in a Twitter post.

The actress Salomé Corbo remembers the time when the deceased came to see her father at the Conservatory.
You could hear her little ones on the marble. It brightened up my days between rehearsals of Racine’s tragedies. Today Rosine has become a tragedy, contemporary and abominable, writes Mrs. Corbo.

In December, due to a significant increase in hospitalizations related to COVID-19, the Quebec government set in motion its load shedding plan and began to postpone part or all of semi-urgent and non-urgent operations, colon cancer screening interventions, kidney transplants from living donors, except in pediatrics, and consultations in specialized outpatient clinics.

In mid-January, 140,000 Quebecers were awaiting surgery. In many regions of Quebec,more than 50% of surgeries were postponed.

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  1. It’s sad how no one talks about the impact these extreme covid measures have on critical surgeries. I was personally impacted by cancer and needed surgery and I was told I had to be placed on a wait list. I was lucky enough on the timing as there was a cancellation during the summer while covid restrictions weren’t as strict and had my surgery performed. But this really speaks to me and I feel for this woman as no one talks about the critical medical care people need and don’t get due to covid. I thought one life is too many to risk but clearly the lives of the people effected by other conditions other then covid don’t matter as much and are put on waiting lists. And the number being 140,000 or more is not significant enough to address. If these were covid patients there would be outrage and lockdowns but because they are other diseases such as cancer that is clearly more dangerous and life threatening it doesn’t matter. So sad and disappointing. Any life is too many and not getting medical care that is your basic right because your disease is not the popular one is not right.


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