Acupuncture: try it to adopt it?


  • Acupuncture consists of introducing very fine needles into specific points of tissues or organs.
  • It is a traditional Chinese technique used for millennia to treat chronic pain.

Numerous studies demonstrate the interest of acupuncture in the treatment of allergy, for example in comparison with antihistamines, reference drugs for this disease, which will affect one in two French people in the near future. Allergy sufferers, for whom spring is synonymous with sneezing, itching and respiratory problems, will appreciate it. But for that, it is necessary to consult… It seems inconceivable that an acupuncturist is not a doctor. Because to confirm a diagnosis, do not hesitate to use the most modern examinations but also to relieve the bill, by reimbursing the consultation at the usual rate. An acupuncture session can cost between 30 and more than 100 euros, depending on whether it is performed by a contracted general practitioner, trained in acupuncture, or by a specialized acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is reimbursed by Social Security on condition that it is integrated into a course of coordinated care. You must first contact your attending physician who will prescribe an acupuncture consultation, if necessary. Some mutuals reimburse it.

Two sessions to quit smoking

It takes an average of two sessions to quit smoking or relieve back pain. France is late to publish spectacular studies, but you have back pain, you want to quit smoking, you have difficulty having a child? Modern medicine does not relieve you? Why not try acupuncture?

In most pathologies, either the improvement will be real in two or three sessions, or you can then say that acupuncture will have been ineffective. It’s fast and probably less expensive than the battery of complementary examinations or medications prescribed a little quickly today.

Man discovered energy networks even before understanding blood circulation. This Taoist vision of man and the universe actually establishes the sense of balance. The famous yin and yang, energies which are the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Any imbalance between these two parameters results in a disorder. The acupuncturist begins by identifying the accumulations of energy that he redirects, using needles, on circulation routes, 12 meridians each associated with an organ, and 360 strategic points distributed on the surface of the body.

Because each individual is unique, therefore incomparable, acupuncture does not like to confront other therapies. The use of needles, for example in the joints, has been shown to be accompanied by positive anti-inflammatory biological changes. Too low a level of evidence for the detractors of acupuncture which, for them, would have no more effect than the placebo, this decoy drug which only brings to the patient and his doctor, the illusion – already important – to treat. The placebo effect represents the power of self-healing that each of us possesses. Acupuncture would simply reinforce this property of our organism. This would also explain the absence of side effects.

Last argument of the skeptics: if the Chinese had the choice, they would probably prefer to relieve their pain with a few modern drug molecules, rather than with needles. Perhaps… But the finest proof of the respect aroused by acupuncture was its inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in November 2010. A monument, moreover, not particularly threatened: the choice of Acupuncture is an “eco-friendly” approach that is perfectly defensible today against most of the sores of our civilization.

Other forms (official and recognized) of acupuncture, to replace the needle:

Moxibustion: it uses heat. The points are heated using a slow-burning mugwort cigar (it is easy to check its effectiveness in the event of a wasp sting by bringing the incandescent part of a cigarette near the stung area to make the sting disappear). pain).

Laser acupuncture: painless, alternative for children or the cozy.

Acupressure: the needle is replaced by finger, elbow or foot pressure on the acupuncture point.

The Tui-na: the injection is replaced by a massage.


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