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According to Ad Vandenberg, the leader of the rock band Vandenberg, the reunions of other formations from the eighties lack drive. The guitarist does not want to repeat himself on his return, he says in the Monday AD.

“Initially, recalling Vandenberg felt a bit too nostalgic,” said 66-year-old Vandenberg. “I absolutely did not want to radiate that feeling of ruminating old glory. Many of the groups from that time that rise from the dead still miss the real fire.”

“Terrible, aren’t those reunion tours under the motto ‘Let’s do it all over again’? For me it is only worthwhile if everyone plays as if their life depends on it.”

With the reunion of the rock band, Vandenberg wants to “bridge the gap between the harder work of the eighties and that of today” and thinks that he has succeeded. “The more I listen to our record the more I think: it pops like hell, but you can hear our roots.”

In January it was announced that the rock band Vandenberg would make a comeback after 33 years. The formation, known for the world hit Burning Heart from 1983, does that in a new composition. Their latest album 2020 appeared on May 22.



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