Ad Verbrugge: ‘Baby boomers are putting a new stamp on social spirit with corona policy’

“Young people now make enormous sacrifices, especially because good education is currently lacking. That education is extremely important for their happiness in life. You really can’t just catch up on that. The neglect of the younger generation has been going on for much longer

Increasing anxiety is creeping into our society that is related to an aging population. The baby boomers are once again leaving their mark on the social spirit. You could say: They’ll do it again! In the 1960s, the baby boomers set the mood with their rebellion. Now they do that with their anxiety. ”

When the judge put a line through the curfew, partly on substantive grounds, the attitude of the cabinet was immediately: oh, but that curfew must remain in any case. If it cannot be done to the left, then to the right. Parliament does support us anyway. The issue of proportionality and fundamental rights was not taken seriously at all, while that was what the judge was all about. If you continue as a government, you should not be surprised that resistance is increasing.

Some normally quiet people I know are starting to radicalize. They search the internet for conspiracy theories and see the government as an occupation force.

People instinctively resist the arrival of intensive human husbandry, because they feel that they are being maimed. ”

Philosopher Ad Verbrugge, known for the YouTube talk show De Nieuwe Wereld, warned at the beginning of the pandemic about the negative consequences of a lockdown and the curtailment of freedoms by the government.

In an interview with NRC he explains, after a year of corona policy, once again what is wrong with the ‘intensive human husbandry’ of a government that shows more and more similarities with the Chinese government.

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