“Ad Vitam” from the Lefèvre family: the beauty of the choir

“We get a lot of vocal groups on this show but there is something more to you. “ This compliment from the jury, validated by the public vote, addressed to the Lefèvre family during the final of “France has an incredible talent” in December 2020 on M6, sums up the feelings of those who listen, eleven months later, to their first album, Back to Life (1).

On the eve of All Saints’ Day, the adventure of Anne, Gabriel and their six children, from Gaël, 23 years old to Raphaël 9 years old, continues with the release of this disc. The 15 titles reflect the harmony of a family united by a common passion, that of sacred music, the Christian faith, and the desire to reach the general public, believers or not.

When the notoriety acquired during a TV show and the recognition make it possible to make a dream come true. That of witnessing in their own way to the beauty of family life and beyond. From creation to eternity, their voices unite with their image, touching, inspired and determined.

Traditional songs and contemporary composers of sacred music

“Sacred music is little known today and therefore little publicized”, assure Anne and Gabriel. She is familiar with Gregorian chant, he responsible for the religious music label Rejoyce. To go from TV shows and concerts to recording sessions in a Parisian temple, the family benefited from the help of two artistic directors from the Universal group. Time to tune in and choose a program of classical and popular works performed a capella, and others with instrumental accompaniment.

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Original arrangements for mixed voices allow you to hear traditional ones like Amazing Grace, Ave Maria by Gounod or the tube What a Wonderful World popularized by Louis Armstrong. And to give everyone a place in the choir. Raphaël, the youngest, stands out in Hymn to the night by Rameau.

The family on tour during the weekends

The Lefèvre family also likes to go back in time with a work (All you) by Spanish Renaissance polyphonist Tomas Luis de Victoria. The contemporary register is not forgotten with a room, Northern lights, by Norwegian Ola Gjeilo and another by Welsh Karl Jenkins, Sing Domino.

What a long way, of rehearsals, of exchanges, since the first evening prayers sung at home in Versailles. First to one, then two, then three votes “It is no accident that we are here. We live unusual things but without changing the way we live. “ The Lefèvre family will take advantage of weekends and end-of-year school holidays to go on tour. A family that never ceases to amaze us.


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