ADAC child seat test 2020: many models between “good” and “very good”

The ADAC has been testing the latest child car seats for their safety for more than 50 years. This year too. According to its own information, Europe’s largest traffic club took a closer look at a total of 26 models in its 2020 child seat test. In addition to the safety aspect, handling, ergonomics and pollution were also included in the assessment.

The result of the ADAC test: The majority of the 26 examined child seats and car seats “exceeded the legal requirements” partly “, as stated in a press release. According to the examiners, one specimen scored “very good”, 18 models received the rating “good”, and six others were rated “satisfactory” by the experts. Only one model was rated “sufficient” because it had weaknesses in operation and safety. Particularly pleasing according to ADAC: Each of the 26 child seats passed a side impact test, although this is not required by law for all test products.

ADAC child seat test 2020: models for car sharing also examined

In the current test, the ADAC also examined models whose development focused not only on use in your own vehicle, but also on the simplest possible transport and space-saving storage. The results should be of particular interest to parents who do not have their own vehicle and instead use car sharing offers, but where child seats are by no means available in all rental cars.

+++ Here you will find an overview of all the results of the ADAC child seat test 2020 +++

According to ADAC, parents who are considering buying a child seat should take into account not only the test results but also “that not every child seat fits equally well in every car or every child”. When buying, you should therefore take both the car and the child with you to try out different models and their respective handling and installation.

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