Adam Kinzinger, anti-Trump Republican denied by his family

Since calling for Donald Trump’s dismissal after the Capitol riots, this Illinois MP has been unwelcome in his party, reports The New York Times. Part of his family even wrote him a letter to reproach him for having denied “His Christian principles”.

“Ah, you disappoint us so much, God and us! You are the shame of the Kinzinger family. ” Thus begins a handwritten letter received by Republican Congressman for Illinois Adam Kinzinger a few days after the Capitol riots and to which had access The New York Times. The missive was written by Karen Otto, cousin of the MP, and was signed by eleven members of the Kinzinger family.

According to the daily, the elected Republican is indeed a public enemy number 1 for the members of the party who “Censor, condemn and seek to purge leaders who are not in tune with Donald Trump”, as the newspaper reports. His fault? To have asked, the day after the riots of January 6, that Donald Trump be removed from his post, as can be seen in the video below.

This has earned him to be “Undesirable in his party” and



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