Adam Levine, his routine to have buttocks and abs of steel

He may have Jagger’s moves, but Adam Levine also has Superman’s abs.

No wonder, the leader of Maroon 5 is passionate about the gym and on more than one occasion we have seen him share his powerful training routines. exercises to stay in shape and have abs and glutes of steel.

Between his many television commitments, his work as a cornerstone of Maroon 5, his family and his facet as a businessman, Levine always finds enough time to train his entire body, but pays special attention to his abs and glutes, which put to the test with a varied workout that includes golf, basketball, yoga and of course gym work.

If your desire is to follow in his footsteps and show off an enviable physique, take a look at his routine that could well be the key to giving him a refresh to your training.

How is Adam Levine’s abs routine?


Isometric Swiss ball plank for abs and core

This exercise will force you to maintain balance by activating all the fibers of the rectus abdominis and hip stabilizers. A highly recommended movement for the core, in which you must keep your back straight at all times.

Deadbug para abs

A workout move for the abs that you can make more difficult by adding weight, reps, or pauses. When done correctly, the deadbug can be a very effective six pack training exercise, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of back pain during training.

  1. 1

    Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Raise your right leg to a 90 degree angle with your hip and a 90 degree angle with your knee, raise your left leg, and then raise your arms toward the ceiling perpendicular to the floor.

  2. 2

    Move the right arm back until it reaches the level of the ear, at the same time lower the left leg at the same time keeping the angle of 90 degrees with the knee until the thumb touches the ground.

  3. 3

    Return to the starting position and repeat with opposite leg and arm.

The difficulty of the exercise lies in the fact of always keeping the core activated so that the lumbar muscles do not arch up (that is why it is an anti-extension exercise): the way to avoid this arch is the activation of the deep muscles of the abdomen. . In addition, you must keep your shoulder girdle stable and your spine well aligned.

What is Adam Levine’s glute routine like?

The glutes are a muscle as interesting as it is complex. While some overlook them, others love to work this area of ​​the body, as is the case with Adam Levine.

Her trainer, Harley Pasternak, condensed some lower-body exercises, focusing on the glutes, into a quick 10-minute workout. This combination of exercises is a great way to target the front and back of the thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings), the inner thighs (adductors), and the butt (gluteus medius and maximus). For each exercise, do 20 repetitions. Then repeat the circuit twice from start to finish.


Lateral step-up with skater lunge

This compound exercise will have you move in three separate planes of motion. You go up, back, and to the sides, which activates the muscles in your hips, glutes, and quadriceps.

Targets: quadriceps, adductors and glutes.

  1. 1

    Stand next to a bench or box and step up with your right foot, letting your left leg dangle from the side.

  2. 2

    Step back and bow by landing on your left leg and bending your left knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor. In the same movement, step your right foot back and behind you at an angle until your knee touches the ground.

  3. 3

    Push through your left heel and stand up again.

Hip thrust with wide resistance band

If you’re familiar with the hip thrust glute isolation move, where you lie with your shoulders on a bench, feet on the floor, and squeeze your butt to drive your hips toward the ceiling. This exercise takes things to the next level by adding a resistance band, which helps recruit your glutes and significantly increases the intensity of the exercise.

Targets: gluteus medius and gluteus maximus.

  1. 1

    Place a wide resistance band around the middle of your thighs.

  2. 2

    Leaning back with your shoulders on the edge of a bench and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, lower your hips toward the floor.

  3. 3

    Pause, then raise your hips.

  4. 4

    Lower your back in a slow, controlled movement.

Modified stiff leg and single leg deadlift

This incredible postural move helps strengthen your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.s. The key is to think about bending towards the hips instead of bending over.

Targets: hamstrings and glutes

  1. 1

    Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand.

  2. 2

    Bend forward at the waist, sliding your hips back as far as you can. Lift your left heel off the ground and slowly lower the dumbbells, maintaining a slight bend in the knees.

  3. 3

    Get back to your feet, bringing your hips forward. Repeat with the right heel lifted.

Box Jump Squat with Wide Resistance Band

By combining an explosive jumping motion with a resistance band, you are recruiting larger muscles in a more meaningful way and increasing the intensity of the exercise. Try to land softly and allow your glutes to “kiss” the surface of the box or bench without fully resting before doing another rep.

Targets: quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

  1. 1

    With your feet hip-width apart and your glutes engaged, sit on a bench or box with the resistance band placed around mid-thigh.

  2. 2

    Squeezing your glutes, explode upward so your feet lift slightly off the ground.

  3. 3

    Lower straight into a squat as you land, allowing your butt to touch the box briefly before coming back up for the next rep.

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