Adam Wainwright reached an agreement with the St. Louis Cardinals

Adam Wainwright came to a agreement for your Company with the Cardinals of San Luis facing the 2021 season of the Big leagues (MLB).

Journalist Jon Heyman from MLB, reported the Company of Adam Wainwright with the team of his loves for a bonus of $ 8 million in the Big leagues.

Although it was said that the San Diego Padres had made an offer to Wainwright, finally reached an agreement for the team of the “Red Birds” for the upcoming season of the MLB.

Adam Wainwright is one of the best friends of Yadier Molina inside the team of Cardinals, his Company could loom the Puerto Rican at least for one more year with the San Luis team in the MLB.

In the past season, Wainwright recorded five wins and three losses from the mound with a 3.15 ERA in the Big leagues.

Do you like the signature of Adam by Cardinals?

From here we think that the next one is Yadier Molina.

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