Adama will return to Barça no matter what happens with Dembélé

BarcelonaEveryone knows that the salary cap is a stone in the sole of Barça’s shoe. However, once the regulations governing the registration of players in the League are known, and taking into account the treasury limitations of the Barça team, there is no choice but to resort to ingenuity in order to be strengthened. This is what happened a few weeks ago, for example, with the renewal of Samuel Umtiti to release too much salary and to be able to enroll Ferran Torres. But what happens inside the house is not always enough and sometimes it is necessary to turn to people outside. And whenever there are problems, the figure of Jorge Mendes appears to try to solve them. The last helping hand comes with Adama Traoré, a former Barça player trained at La Masia who, if there is no script twist, will return to Barcelona in this winter market.

The operation is not easy, because Barça cannot take on the winger, currently at Wolverhampton. The situation would suddenly be resolved if Ousmane Dembélé made a move (or a downward renewal or agreed to leave Barça by mutual agreement) that would allow the club to save its multimillion-dollar salary. However, although Barça are working hard to find a way out of Dembélé, it is very likely that the outcome will not arrive until Monday 31, the last day of the market. Therefore, Barça would be tied hand and foot and it would be almost impossible to close any parallel operation, as if they wait until the end they risk running out of time to complete it. Precisely, this is where the superagent Jorge Mendes emerges to help in the operation and look for a formula that allows the return of Adama regardless of what happens to Dembélé.

The Wolves will buy Trincão

It is a four-way game involving Barça, Wolverhampton, Adama … and Francisco Trincão. The young Portuguese striker was on loan to the Wolves this summer – precisely because Barça needed to release too much salary. However, Xavi does not have him and the Barça club is already looking forward to selling him for good in the Premier League. The key is the non-binding purchase option of the Wolves, which is around 30 million euros, an amount that is now being negotiated to speed up the return of Adama. After all, this exchange is already going well for the Premier League club. Although Adama and Trincão have similar statistics, during the first half of the season Trincão is having more prominence in recent games. He is also three years younger, a fact that the Wolves carry even more arguments to accept the operation.

What’s the play? As Barça cannot afford Adama’s salary at the moment, the Wolves will be in charge of their record until the end of the season. The Barça club, therefore, would only pay a testimonial amount. The difference would be deducted from the money that the Wolves would have to pay to Barça in the summer to keep Trincão in ownership. Negotiations are going in this direction, and they may incorporate a small bonus for the English club as a thank you. In this way, Barça would have found an ingenious but totally legal way for Adama to return to the Camp Nou.

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