‘Ādažu Chips’ will produce salty snacks from bean meal

Food producer “Orkla Latvija” has started producing “Ādažu Čipsu” salty snack, which is made from bean and corn flour, the company’s representatives inform.

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The assortment of “Ādažu Čipsu” extruders has been supplemented with two types of bean flour crisps – bean sticks with cheese and bean rings with vegetables.

The new product is manufactured on the new extruder production equipment, in the purchase and installation of which the company invested 620,000 euros last year. The new plant provides an opportunity not only to increase production capacity, but also to develop new and innovative products, including bean crisps.

“The new extruder offers us a wide range of options, as we can produce crunches of various flours and shapes. Initially, the aim of this investment project was to create innovations in the future that would improve our crisp assortment. but now we have supplemented it with a product that stands out with its rich bean flour and protein composition, as well as unprecedented taste, “emphasizes Lineta Mikša, Communications Director of Orkla Latvija.

Bean sticks with cheese contain 28% bean meal, providing 13% protein, while bean rings with vegetables make up 36% bean meal, guaranteeing 14% protein.

The new equipment produces not only bean sticks with cheese and bean rings with vegetables, but also such “Ādažu Čipsu” crisps as corn balls with nacho cheese taste, corn balls with cream and onion taste, corn balls with ketchup taste, corn pizza flavor. In the future, it is planned to improve the range of extruders and offer an ever wider range, which includes both already popular products and unprecedented news.

Orkla Latvija’s total turnover in 2019 was 117.3 million euros. “Orkla Latvija” represents such favorite brands in Latvia as “Lime“,” Selga “,”Staburadze“,” Adazi Chips “,” Taffel the Original Snacks “,” Pedro “,”Spilva“,” Gutta “,” Everest “,” Latplanta “,” Abba “and others.

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