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Add more covids! Chonburi found 310 patients, 11 medical personnel

people infected with COVID-19 New cases in Chonburi area increased.

1. 310 new cases

Details of new cases found in Bang Lamung district, more than 208 infected.

– People residing in Rayong came to receive treatment in Chonburi Province, 8 people, collecting 5,489 people, and other provinces, collecting 1,882 people

-Cluster Mino (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Muang Chon Buri 7 people, collecting 19 people

-Cluster Best Tech and Engineering Co., Ltd. Sattahip District 6 people, collecting 6 people

-Cluster Sisaran Group Co., Ltd., Sattahip District 4 people, collecting 4 people

-A risky occupation, meeting a lot of 11 people

– 11 medical personnel

-Provide a history of traveling from provincial risk areas (Prachinburi Province) 1 person

– touch the confirmed patient

*In a family of 46 people

* From the workplace 41 people

* 16 close people

* Join a party of 14 people

– touch the confirmed patient (Under investigation) 53 people

– Currently under investigation for 92 people

– 1 new pneumonia patient (completed with three doses of vaccine)

2. The cumulative number of patients 113,025 people

3. 2,323 patients are being treated.

4. 125 people have been cured

5. Healed, accumulated 109,909 people

6. 2 deaths

The average age of the deceased was 62 years. There was a common risk factor that led to the severity of the disease leading to death, namely the elderly. and was a contact with a confirmed patient in a previous family No history of vaccination was found in either case.

7. Accumulated 793 deaths

vaccination information

-31 Dec. 19, Chonburi Province A total of 1,794,273 people have received 2 injections of vaccination, which this month 2,879 people have had 2,879 vaccinations, 29 pneumonia, and 6 deaths.

Of the 116,998 people who had only one dose of vaccination and 417,802 who were not vaccinated, totaling 534,800 this month, 280 people were under-vaccinated and 2,227 were unvaccinated, 40 of them had pneumonia, were intubated. 2 people and 24 deaths



CR: Chonburi Provincial Public Relations Office

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