Adecco joins forces with various employers to help those who lose their jobs due to the Covid-19

The alarming situation of employment in Spain due to the effects of Covid-19 has led Adecco Group Spain to promote the initiative
 which aims to help people affected by the pandemic to find a job and continue to improve their employability.

As the Human Resources consultant has explained in a statement, the initiatives deployed will seek to “relocate all those unemployed due to COVID-19 in sectors that now need candidates.” For this company, it will invest in the development of the necessary knowledge and skills through «reskilling» projects. .

The Adecco Group has also sought a strategic alliance with the most representative business organizations and associations from sectors as diverse as industry, services and agriculture, to take advantage of “synergies” and help find a job. In this regard, it already has agreements with ASAJA (Agrarian Association of Young Farmers), FEIQUE (Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry), FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries), FED (Business Federation of the Unit), UNO ( Business Logistics and Transport Organization) and CEIM (Business Confederation of Madrid)


Another axis of # MobilizaciónPorElEmpleo is training and there are already more than 30,000 people registered on the online platform where, since March. From it they can choose more than 70 free courses where any worker can improve their skills and expand their knowledge, improving their employability.

In this regard, the general director of Adecco Spain Iker Barricat, explained that “since this situation began we have not stopped looking for initiatives and solutions that help companies and workers to alleviate this situation” through the knowledge of the market consultant Spanish labor law.

Free training on Fridays
In parallel, Adecco has launched a global campaign called «Free Fridays», through its international consultancy General Assembly, open to both companies and workers, where 2 hours of free training are offered every Friday on different disciplines: from Marketing Digital to Programming, Data Management and Design and in which more than 100,000 requests have already been registered worldwide.

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Another of the Adecco Group companies, LHH, has made available to workers affected by bankruptcy proceedings or collective dismissals that affect less than 50 workers a specific online Relocation program. On the other hand, the Adecco Foundation has intensified actions to ensure that the most disadvantaged groups and the long-term unemployed find a job. .

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