Adel Imam, on the authority of his wife: I married her with my mind, and the ten confirmed that it was not useful to marry someone else

A special love affair brought the star together Adel Emam With his wife, Hala Al-Shalkany, where he spoke in an old video about how they met, indicating that he met her while he was at the house of his friend Samir Khafaja..

And he continued: “I did not put marriage in my mind, but I married her as soon as we started the rehearsals for the “School of the Rioters.” It would be good for me to marry someone else.”

Adel Imam added, during his talk about his wife in a previous interview: “She was from one of the families of the feudal lords, and it was very difficult for her to marry extras, and they really did not agree, but she insisted, because our work depends on livelihood and destiny, like the workers waiting for someone to say, come, do this.” And take this, and I stayed for two years without a penny, so she said, “We will not get married, and we sat looking for an apartment, and there was no furniture in it.

Adel Imam and his wife

Leader Adel Imam was born in the village of Shah, Mansoura Center, Dakahlia Governorate. He moved to the Al-Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood when he was young, where his father was an employee in a government factory. He obtained a Bachelor of Agriculture from Cairo University.

Adel Imam participated in the performances of university groups and joined the TV theater group in 1962 while he was still a student at the university. The roles were small, but they drew attention to his talent as a comedian. After that, he presented the play “Me and He and She” in 1962 in the role of Desouky Effendi, the attorney’s agent with the star Fouad Al-Muhandis, then he participated in The play The Swindlers in 1966 at Al-Hakim Theatre, and the play The Red Pajamas in 1967.

He presented the play The School of Rioters, which ran from 1971 to 1975, and considered his real breakthrough as a theatrical star, then the play Shahid Mashafesh Haga, which continued for seven years, Al-Wad Sayed al-Shaghal from 1985 and continued until 1993, and the play Body Guard, from 1999, and he was assigned starring roles starting from 1999. 1972, and became the first star of television when he presented the series Tears in the Eyes of Shameless, Dreams of the Flying Boy.

At the level of cinema, the artist Ahmed Mazhar participated in the movie “Thieves but Cute” in 1968, then the movie Searching for a Scandal in 1973 with Mervat Amin and Samir Sabry, and Adel Imam led the absolute championship from the mid-seventies to today..

Al-Zaeem presented 8 series during the last nine years, and the beginning was with the series “Naji Atallah Band” in 2012, and after that he continued to be present annually, as he appeared in Ramadan 2013 in the series “Al-Araf”, and “Saheb Al-Saada” in 2014, and “Professor and Head of Department.” in 2015, “Mamoun and Partners” in 2016, “Goblins of Adly Allam” in 2017, and finally “Hidden Worlds” in 2018, and finally “Valentino” in 2020.

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