Adler Group: Cevdet Caner im Interview

In 2018 there was another noticeable deal. Consus took over the real estate company SSN. Shortly before the transaction, the major shareholder of Consus, i.e. the aggregates, bought real estate projects from the SSN in order to then sell them to Consus at a higher price. That doesn’t make sense for any Consus shareholder – except for the major shareholder Aggregate.
I don’t know the process. I’ll research this and promise to explain the process to you in detail and if I think that didn’t make sense I’ll tell you too. The questions you are asking are legitimate and just to be clear: I have no problem with such questions, even if you tell me that you think the transaction is unfair. There is your opinion, I respect it. I only have one problem when fools like Fraser Perring claim on the basis of their own real estate value analysis that the value of Adler real estate is overpriced and derive fraud and balance sheet manipulation from it.

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