Adli’s truths about his transfer to AC Milan

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Bought around 8 million euros by AC Milan in Bordeaux, Yacine Adli was loaned in the wake of a last season in Gironde to harden up before joining the Rossoneri. In an interview with The team, the 21-year-old midfielder returned to this transfer finalized in the last moments of the summer transfer window:

“It’s always complicated to be in the wait, not to have what the future holds. I tried to be 100% prepared to be prepared for any eventuality. I knew no matter what. was going on, there would be a season to go “.

“they will look at me as an AC Milan player”

The player trained at Paris-Saint-Germain then returned to the change of owner in Bordeaux and his loan in Gironde: “There, the new owner arrived quite late with other priorities to manage. immediately on the transfer window, telling yourself who is for sale, who is not? There were more constraints (…)

When you have the possibility of joining a club like AC Milan, you want to go there right away but it was a condition for the deal to be made. I was not disappointed and I am even happy that it was done like that. This year will be a year of preparation to have a great season and to arrive there even better armed, with another status “.

Finally, Adli assumed a change of status in front of a Bordeaux player belonging to Milan: “I would like to say nothing but I know it’s wrong. I will be expected more, they will look at me as an AC player Milan “.

Adli’s truths

In an interview with the French daily L’Equipe, midfielder Yacine Adli revealed the underside of his transfer to Italian club AC Milan. The player trained at Paris-Saint-Germain was ready in stride in Bordeaux.

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