Admire Vicky Prasetyo, Ayu Aulia Interested in Being a Second Wife

Jakarta, Insertlive

Vicky Prasetyo present as a guest in a YouTube video belonging to the sexy model Ayu Aulia.

In the video, Vicky answers Ayu’s questions about life and career.

The answer given by Vicky also made Ayu Aulia amazed. Models that had time swerve to become a politician this praises Vicky as a mature man.

This admiration even made Ayu Aulia intend to become the second wife for Kalina Oktarani’s husband.

“Ka Vicky is really mature, I think he is rich (wrinkles his forehead). Is it possible to have two wives?,” Ayu Aulia said with a laugh.

“Kidding guys,” continued Ayu.

The conversation grew even more intense. Vicky even gave advice to Ayu who started to be active in the world of entertainment and YouTube.

Again, the message that was conveyed by Vicky made Ayu gasp.

“Guys, I think I’m cinlok (love the location),” said Ayu.

Meanwhile, the household of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Oktarani now it’s said to be cracked. The news started when Kalina wrote about her disappointment which was allegedly aimed at Vicky.

However, to the media crew, Vicky dismissed the slanted gossip that blew. He confirmed that his relationship with his wife was fine.


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