Adolescent love through the streets of Bologna

25 years have passed since the appearance in Italy of a generational work, the kind that every young person presumes to have read. It was titled ‘Jack Frusciante has left the group’ and its author, Enrico Brizzi (Bologna, 1974), wrote it when he was 18 and published it when he was barely 20. But with this book, which sold more than a million copies, he achieved something very difficult: connect with the spirit of a time and with the dreams of an adolescence, like all, difficult. Now, ‘Jack Frusciante …’ is being published again in Spain by the publisher Nocturna.

The title of the book plays with the name of the mythical guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers who in 1992 left the band without anyone explaining very well why. The group lived its greatest success and John Frusciante, the real name of the musician, he had achieved everything a musician could hope for: creative freedom and money for three lives.

Enrico Brizzi.

And therein lies the nexus of a union between an important New York guitarist and the 17-year-old Italian young man who stars in the work, Alex, a boy who tries to delay his future, who has a few but faithful group of friends, and who he rides his bike through the streets of the author’s beloved Bologna. But above all, what marks Alex is his infatuation with Aidi. When she tells him that she does not want to go out with him because she is going to the United States, Alex’s life will take a turn that will make him question the bourgeois future to which he seems predestined.

Filled with musical and cinephile references, ‘Jack Frusciante has left the group’ was translated into 24 languages, made into a movie and led its author to be known as ‘the Salinger of Bologna’, an Italian parallel to ‘The Catcher in the Rye’.

Enrico Brizzi studied Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna and was a student of Umberto Eco. In his career, he has written novels, stories and reports and he has developed a passion for walking that has caused him to publish guides and itineraries for excursions in Italy and that prompted him to walk the Camino de Santiago from Turin


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