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Adoption of an allowance for transferring 64,000 per day to the public sector and increasing social contributions

Prime Minister Najib Mikati chaired the meeting of the committee to address the repercussions of the financial and economic crisis on the functioning of the public facility in the Grand Serail this afternoon.
The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister His Excellency Al-Shami, Minister of Justice Henry El-Khoury, Minister of Finance Youssef Khalil, Minister of Social Affairs Hector El Hajjar, Minister of Industry George Boushekian, Minister of Interior and Municipalities Bassam Mawlawi, Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamiyah, and Minister of Labor Mustafa Bayram. Minister of Economy and Trade Amin Salam, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Judge Mahmoud Makiya, Director General of the Presidency of the Republic Antoine Choucair, and President of the Civil Service Council Nasreen Mashmoushi.

At the conclusion of the meeting, President Mikati made the following statement: We held the fourth meeting of the committee and discussed the repercussions of the financial and economic crisis on the functioning of the public utility, especially with regard to inflation, and after discussion and the presence of all the ministers who are members of the committee and the president of the Civil Service Council, and after exchanging all opinions, ideas and suggestions, and based on The figures provided by His Excellency the Minister of Finance, the committee reached the following:
First: Approving a daily transportation allowance of 64,000 pounds, starting from the beginning of the current month of November.

Second: Payment of social assistance in the amount of half a salary given for the months of November and December before the holidays, provided that it is not less than one and a half million pounds and not more than 3 million pounds. The social grant includes everyone who serves the public utility in the public sector, including employees, employees, employees and contractors. Retirees, bill workers, and others.
Third: Increasing financial contributions to the State Employees Cooperative and the National Social Security Fund.
Fourth: Reminding the attendance in public administrations of 66 percent, based on the general mobilization decree, to ensure the conduct of citizens’ affairs on the one hand and health commitment on the other.
Fifth: Based on the confirmation of the Minister of Public Health, announcing the continuation of full support for medicines for cancer and incurable diseases, dialysis supplies and others, and partial support for medicines for chronic diseases, and providing them free of charge to patients through primary health care centers, in addition to supporting the hospital tariff for patients of the Ministry of Health, and working on Securing financial resources to support the guarantors. The committee also appreciates the initiative of the owners of the national pharmaceutical industry in Lebanon to reduce the prices of locally manufactured medicines.
Finally, the committee draws attention to the fact that these decisions are of an exceptional and temporary nature pending a positive, development and improvement in the draft budget law for the year 2022, which will be completed as soon as possible, including reform provisions that secure stable and clear imports to the state treasury, in order to avoid any populist situation on the one hand, and to ward off any populist situation on the one hand. Any inflation process exceeds the ability to bear and confront, so that we do not give with one hand and take with the other.
The Committee also directs to all employees and others the need to join hands together in bearing the national responsibility to cross this difficult stage in the history of our beloved country Lebanon, noting that all of the above will be the main article on the Cabinet’s agenda for discussion and approval in its next session and soon, God willing.
questions and answers
In response to a question about the progress of the decision taken by the Index Committee today regarding raising the transportation allowance for the private sector to 65,000 pounds starting in November, he replied: This matter was approved by the Index Committee and there will be an agreement between the General Labor Union and the economic authorities.

Question: Today I sent an invitation to public sector employees to attend their work and jobs, so is this advance enough to bring back these employees who are completely scattered about many sectors?
He replied: We appeal to everyone today to cooperate because we are going through a difficult stage, and in a large part of our meeting, each minister expressed what he heard from the people and what he feels about the suffering of the people, in light of the difficult social situation that is worsening day after day. Based on that, we decided to give this grant until the situation is comprehensively considered, and here I want to be reassured that this grant does not coincide with the imposition of new taxes, because there is an amount in the Ministry of Finance that covers it and more than it at the present time, until any amendments are added, whether in the so-called dollar Customs or other matters that we did not touch on, because we feel with people and do not want to give one hand and take the other. I appeal to all employees to return to their jobs, we are going through very difficult times, and we all have to contribute to saving the country, we must all work to increase imports so that The difficulty does not get worse.
He was asked about approving grants that were studied by the committee in the Council of Ministers?
MP Hariri: We specified in our proposal that regardless of the date of approval of these submissions, they are valid starting from the first of November this year until the meeting of the Council of Ministers, or if there are related procedures that can be issued through an ordinary decree, but in the end, the Our reference is the Cabinet.
Question: Are there signs that the Council of Ministers will convene soon?
He replied: God willing.


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