Adri Moncanut: the base of Bsquet Girona is also Golden

Report. It was a testimonial debut, 1.4 seconds before the break of Friday’s game in Castell, so it does not take away that Adri Moncanut can already say that he has debuted in the LEB Or with Bsquet Girona, the club where he goes arrive in 2014, when it was founded, and where it has gone through all categories. The 18-year-old base, who is studying Industrial Engineering, shows that working at the base pays off. And that, like him, is also Golden.

The adventure that began in 2014 with the name of CEB Marc Gasol and a few grassroots teams has grown so much that even the quarry is beginning to bear fruit. Adrià Moncanut is one of the players of the 2002 generation (he is just 18 years old) who has gone through all the teams of the club since he arrived there even in pre-childhood. Last season he debuted with the first team at LEB Silver, and last Friday he became the first product in the house to also play in the LEB Gold. It was a testimonial debut, not yet two seconds, at the end of the second quarter in Castellón, but it represents a step further. Both for this brazen base who would love to succeed as a professional playing and coaching, and for the club, which works to expand the number of training teams.

Junior player last year and with a record this season of Sant Narcís, a linked team, in its debut as a senior, Moncanut leads the dynamics of the first team. He started studying Industrial Engineering at the UdG “because I really liked technical drawing and mathematics”, and this gives him more room to be able to train in the mornings and be in (telematics) classes in the afternoons. “I always try to stay after training to practice shooting, which is one of the things I have to improve,” he says. Last season the club and Montesori, where he was in his second year of high school, reached an agreement so that he could train with the LEB Plata team on Tuesday morning, with the permission of the school.

He has always liked basketball. It started in Sant Josep, continued with the CEB Girona when the project of the historic Girona club collapsed, and in 2014, after doing some training sessions, he got involved with the CEB Marc Gasol, the embryo of the current Girona Basketball. And that at home the engine also pulls hard. His grandfather was the founder of the Escolta Tècnica Girona (ETG), and even today, with the help of Adrià Moncanut’s father, he continues at the foot of the canyon of the project. “My parents have been playing basketball all their lives and that’s the sport I like,” he says.

“At the club I learned what commitment is, the sacrifice, and I did many hours of training there. To be yourself and to do what we love, which is to play basketball. You do what you want, you leave school and you come to enjoy, ”he emphasizes. Moncanut has a great esteem for all the coaches he has met, in Montfalgars and Fontajau. Albert Roca was the first. With him he learned a lot of individual technique. Jordi Sargatal directed him to the junior. He was his extension on the track. “We had a lot of affinity and I’ve always been told that I see and understand basketball pretty well. Let’s see if I can be a coach in the long run “, explains this base of great vision of the game, attentive to the past improvement and who does not shake his hand to take responsibility when the balls burn. But the coach who has marked him the most has been Raúl Galobardes, in the Preferente cadet. “It gave me confidence from the first training session”, says the Girona player, who last year was in the hands of Àlex Formento, who made his debut in Plata in October 2019 against Hospitalet, and now has Carles Marco. “I’m clear that you have to study, but I also think that if basketball goes well and I can do it professionally, it can also be a priority,” said Moncanut, who, however, says it has not been considered. this possibility, that of being an elite athlete. At least for now. “I come to Fontajau, I train with my team, and I don’t think if my teammates are very good or the curriculum they have,” he says. At the moment the first step is done. In Castellón, when the delegate had already given him the key to the dressing room, as he always does on the verge of rest, he heard “Momo, Momo.” They called him. But this time it was to open the door to the LEB Or.


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