Adriana Salgueiro was eliminated from famous dressmaking and Pachu Peña is still in the workshop

A second elimination was experienced this Friday in Famous tailoring, with the departure of Adriana Salgueiro and confirmation that Pachu Peña still in the contest.

Good luck to both of you, the truth is that a thousand creatives. So let’s see what the jury says. Stay in the workshop …Pachu Peña!”, Andrea Politti announced, as everyone applauded and Adriana greeted to the actor and the other participants. And I add: “First I want the jury to tell me why they chose Pachu”.

Basically, because we thought the idea was very strong, to be the living mannequin, the truth is that nobody expected it”, Explained Benito Fernández.

Very creative, only an actor can imagine something like this”He added Andrea.

Yes, what do I know. You had to gamble, I saw the wig, this straight cut jacket, with a single seam (laughs) and I played it. I said ‘Either it can go right, or it can go wrong.’ It is a shame to arrive at this instance with Adriana, whom I love very much, and we have worked together, so I did not expect it to be in front of her here”, He praised her Pachu.

Very deserved

It doesn’t matter, it’s all good, well deserved. You are an extremely creative person, really”, He returned the compliment Adriana.

The same, also, your idea of ​​what you wanted to express, with this saturation of fashion and, as you expressed it, it was also very interesting. It cost us a lot really, really”, He told the actress Vero de la Canal.

Adriana, a shame, I’m going to miss you a lot (applause). But first, I want to ask you a question, Adriana. You know that all the reality shows in the world, there is a moment when they have their revenge. Would you like, in the event that we have a rematch, to return? ” the driver asked him.

“Do I have to answer you hot? I tell you i don’t know (applause). I had a great time (breaks), I loved it, I loved all the companions, spectacular, divine, you too (addresses the jurors) They taught me a lot, but today I tell you I don’t know. Tomorrow we will see, we have to live from day to day. Thank you all, you taught me a lot, I love you very much“, Hill Adriana, the more applause from the participants.

Famous cut and tailoring. Photo: eltrece


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