Advance notice Nikkor Z DX 18–140 mm VR: Travel zoom for APS-C cameras

As seen in the lens roadmaps for Nikon’s mirrorless Z-System since 2020 (see recently published Market overview of the Nikon Z lenses), Nikon is still planning a travel zoom. Today (June 29th, 2021) Nikon officially announced the development of the Nikkor Z DX 18-140 mm f / 3.5–6.3 VR.

This is a high-performance zoom lens for mirrorless cameras in APS-C format (Nikon DX format) with a Nikon Z bayonet. The lens is slated to hit the market this year 2021. Nikon did not disclose more information about the date or the price. Also, no more detailed technical data are known about the compact travel or superzoom.

The Nikkor Z DX 18–140 mm f / 3.5–6.3 VR corresponds to the mirrorless Z cameras with image sensors in DX or APS-C format with a 35 mm focal length of 27 to 210 mm and enables recordings of the most varied of subjects Wide-angle to telephoto focal lengths and close-ups. The compact and lightweight lens is designed to be able to take photos and films in a wide variety of situations.

This universal DX lens is, according to Nikon, “an expression of Nikon’s relentless efforts to realize new dimensions in optical performance”.

Further information

Nikkor Z 18-140 mm f / 3.5–6.3 (product page only available after definitive announcement)

Nikkor Z-Objektive (Overview page)

Nikon Z-System (Overview page)

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Nikkor Z DX 1:3,5–6,3/18–140 mm VR – specifications
International name Nikkor Z DX 18–140 mm 1:3,5–6,3 VR
connection Nikon-Z-Bayonett
Format Nikon DX-Format (APS-C-Format)
Focal length 18–140 mm
Light intensity 1:3,5–6,3
Smallest aperture k.A.
Optical structure k.A
Angle of view k.A.
Focusing system k.A.
Focus Autofocus, manual focus
Max. Reproduction scale k.A.
Naheinstellgrenze k.A. ab Sensorebene
Number of aperture blades k.A.
compensation k.A.
Filter diameter k.A.
Ø x length kA mm maximum x kA mm length (from bayonet support)
Weight k.A.
included supply Lens cap xx (front cap), lens cap LF-N1 (rear cap), lens hood xxx, lens pouch xx

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