advantages and disadvantages of different devices on the table

DECRYPTION – The government is considering four devices to address this complex and politically sensitive issue.

Many of Jean Castex’s predecessors were confronted with the same fear of a surge in popular discontent with the rise in fuels. Countless devices have therefore been devised over the years to respond to it. However, the subject is so complex that none has imposed itself in the public debate.

Tax reduction

It is the simplest measure and, from a political point of view, the most effective because it is immediate. Taxes represent about 60% of the price of gasoline. To lower them, the government can use different levers: the internal consumption tax on energy products (TICPE), VAT on TICPE or VAT on the product. The association 40 Millions d’Automobilistes thus claims “A reduction in the VAT rate on fuels from 20 to 5.5%, considering that these are essential products that motorists cannot do without, like gas or electricity, which benefit from this reduced rate of VAT ”. “A drop in the rate

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