«Advent, Advent» with Natascha Beller & Patrick Karpiczenko «We are workaholics on withdrawal»

Formli from the 3-D printer

Natascha Beller is currently promoting her first TV series “Advent, Advent” – a Christmas crime parody. “The series is for everyone who wants more Santa lice in ‘Tatort’ and more dead people at Christmas,” says Karpi, who co-directed. At first glance, it suggests that the scriptwriter has a holiday aversion. At second glance, it is an homage – also to films like “Kevin – Alone at Home”, “Twin Peaks” or “Fargo”. “I like the Christmas season. Drink mulled wine, be with the family and have a Christmas tree, ”says Beller. She also has a Mailänderli family recipe. “My great-grandparents on my father’s side owned the Beller bakery here in District 4.”

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