Advice: Cabinet must go for green recovery plan after corona crisis NOW

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After the corona crisis, the cabinet must opt ​​for a recovery plan that promotes the economy and employment in the Netherlands and that contributes to sustainability. The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure advises this on Friday Green from the crisis.

“The lockdown has yet saved us from a sprawling pandemic, but has also contributed to a sharp economic downturn,” said the council. Meanwhile, according to the advisory body, we have entered a phase in which the economy can recover with the help of measures.

The Council mentions several options for contributing to the economic recovery in the Netherlands. Existing homes must be made sustainable more quickly and new construction must also be accelerated. According to the advice, the subsidy scheme for insulation of homes must be expanded to make sustainability more sustainable. In addition, the placement of solar panels must be encouraged.

The council advises not to invest in the construction of new roads for the time being, partly because these are needed less now that more people are working from home. “Mobility has fallen to lower levels during rush hour, online working has become an accepted form of work in broad sections of the population, and we are proving willing to limit our travel,” the advice said. Money that was actually intended for these new roads can then be used for other measures.

To further contribute to making the Netherlands more sustainable, implementation of the climate agreement and the transition to a CO2-free economy must be given priority, the council states. For example, the rural area must be made sustainable and electric driving and cycling must be encouraged. Since many charging points have to be built for this, this should also lead to more employment.



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